Kart by Degueldre | Xavier Degueldre | Via

The typical life span of a shopping cart is between 10 and 15 years, and after their period of good service, they are destroyed. Wanting to give them a second life, french designer xavier degueldre has decided to recycle them in a way that renders them still functional, but with renewed purpose.

‘Kart by Degueldre’ is a collection of chairs and armchairs that have been fashioned from shopping carts. the result is a series of desirable, design objects derived from a very impersonal product — something that typically stands as a symbol of consumption in the occidental world. The trolleys are bent and reworked in such a way that affords them to act as comfortable furniture. each ‘kart by degueldre’ is numbered and registered, and is available in a range of shapes and sizes so that you can customize yours according to how you want to enhance your home or garden (for indoor or outdoor use). 

BetterBlock KC - Pendleton Heights

We are very excited to invite you to the Better Block event in Pendleton Heights on September 20th. The event will take place on Lexington Avenue between Brooklyn and Park.

During this one day event, we will temporarily transform a block on Lexington Avenue to provide a living, operable example of how this street could be full of better blocks. We will increase shared access (bike lanes/crosswalks/sidewalk improvements), utilize total road design mechanisms, and find creative ways to address perceived and real safety issues.

Questions? Ideas? Want to volunteer? Email Beth Bezanson at beth.bezanson@gmail.com.